I was able to hike quite a bit in 2003 making trips to Oregon, Utah, and Colorado.  With Mount Timpanogos on July 21, 2003, I passed both my mileage and elevation gain total from 2002.  It was a successful hiking season, and I doubled my previous annual elevation gain high.  I finished the Idaho 12ers on August 17, 2003.  I didn't even know or hear about the nine Idaho peaks over 12,000' until 2002 when a friend told me about them.  I met Dan Robbins in 2003, and we finished the 12ers together on Mount Idaho.  I moved to Colorado in October, so my hiking shifted to Colorado 14ers after 2003.

01. Squaw Butte
02. Lucky Peak (2)
03. Gold Hill (3)
04. Blacktail Mountain (1)
05. Lost River Peak Attempt
06. Lost River Peak
07. Mount Hood
08. Rice Peak/Lake
09. Mount Church (2)/Donaldson Peak (2)
10. Cache Peak/Mount Independence
11. Mount Timpanogos
12. McGown Peak/Peak 9820/Peak 9709
13. Decalibron
14. Leatherman Peak
15. Mount Idaho
16. Cobb Peak/Old Hyndman Peak
17. Devils Bedstead (East)
18. Mount Sherman (1)/Gemini Peak (1)
19. Scott Gomer Creek
20. Mount Bierstadt (1)/Point 11990