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It ended up being a very weak year as far as climbing and hiking for me.  I managed to hike one bi-centennial peak and a few low elevation mountains.  Despite not ice climbing much, I did get to a couple brand new areas for me, which were on either side of Wolf Creek Pass.  I'm going to try and get out more often in 2024 and attempt to hike several more bi-centennial peaks.

01. Secret Waterfall (5)
02. Jaws Falls (2)
03. I-70 Sickle (3)
04. Jaws Falls (3)
05. Treasure Falls
06. Honeymoon Gully/Bigcicle
07. Spiral Staircase (15)
08. Twin Buttes (East)
09. Bridal Veil Falls
10. Rito Alto Peak
11. Pennsylvania Mountain