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I got the year off to a good start with some low elevation spring hiking. Unfortunately things slowed down significantly during July, and I thought the summer was going to slip away from me. I had not been on the trail nearly as much as compared to last year at that time, but things picked up during August and I got back on track. I hiked the in the Seven Devils, climbed Mount St. Helens, and made it above 10,000' for the first time.

01. Round Lake
02. Liberty Lake
03. Three Sisters Peaks
04. Butler Mountain
05. Dishman Hills
06. Navigation Trail
07. Trapper Creek
08. Seven Devils
09. Trout Creek
10. Goat Mountain (Idaho)
11. Mount St. Helens
12. Trail Creek Loop
13. Bee Hive Lakes (2)
14. Two Mouth Lakes (2)
15. Spokane River
16. Fault Lake (2)