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An extensive collection of low-quality trip reports.

This is a personal website that includes photos and a short narrative from my hiking, scrambling, backpacking, and climbing adventures over the last 23 years. Take a look if you are interested. James Just

Latest Reports

11/29/2020 - Dodging the Bullet
An attempt at a mixed route in Rocky Mountain National Park.

11/26/2020 - Lincoln Falls (24)
My first ice climb of the 2020-2021 season, and my first time climbing with Kelly Schlegel.

11/02/2020 - Mount Tweto/Treasurevault Mountain/Mosquito Peak
Three new peaks for me in the Mosquito Gulch on a clear November day.

10/09/2020 - Vermillion Peak/Fuller Peak
The weather forecast was great and I had a long weekend, so I hiked another Centennial Peak.

10/03/2020 - Rocky Mountain National Park
A lake loop hike in the park with a couple of old friends.

09/26/2020 - London Mountain/Kuss Peak
A couple of new peaks on a blustery morning at the end of September.

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This site was designed to share my recreational adventures in the mountains. I have posted photos, statistics, and descriptions of trips I have taken over the years. From 1998 to 2003, most of my reports are from Idaho. Since 2003, I have lived in Colorado with hikes and climbs all over the state.

I am generally a fair-weather day-hiker with only the occasional backpacking trip; however, my hiking has certainly evolved over the years. I started out with short trail hikes to lakes and low peaks. After a few years, my focus shifted to peak bagging and reaching the summit of higher mountains through a combination of hiking and scrambling. As my experience and skills grew, I added many snow climbs and winter hikes to my resume.

Beyond this, I have also done a small amount of easy technical rock climbing and a fair amount of moderate ice climbing. I took a few years off beginning in 2014 as my hiking time shifted to family and significantly more mountain biking. I picked up ice climbing and hiking again in 2017, but haven't done much rock climbing for numerous years. Thanks for visiting.

James Just


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I kept the momentum going from 2017 and continued to do a fair amount of easy and moderate ice climbing into 2018. I had the desire and was excited to get out again. After 10 years, I finally returned to Cody, Wyoming, for a climbing trip in February with Brian Kooienga and Kevin Smith. A good friend of mine, Justin Brown, invited me to join him backpacking the Grand Canyon in March. I also made another trip to southwest Colorado in April to get a few ice climbs in that Kevin, Brian, and I had been wanting to do for years. I didn't do much hiking in the second half of the year, but getting out climbing again early in the year was good for me. I spent the the latter part of the year mountain biking and got 100 rides and almost 1,400 miles in, which included a couple of trips to Moab, Utah.

01. Pumphouse Falls (10)
02. Hidden Falls (5)
03. Ouray Ice Park (21)
04. Second Gully (3)
05. Lincoln Falls (20)
06. The Main Vein
07. Oh Be Joyful
08. Broken Hearts Light
09. Jewel Lake Ice
10. Grand Canyon
11. Tonys Nightmare (2)
12. Sherman Climb (2)
13. Campground Couloir
14. Direct North Face
15. Tempered By Fire
16. Black Lake Slabs
17. Harney Peak (3)
18. Crow Peak
19. Mount Guyot
20. Mount Bierstadt (4)
21. Liberty Cap (7)
22. Mount Garfield (7)



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I started the year out with some ice climbing near Lake City and Vail, Colorado. I got to two new ice climbs in that I had never done and repeated the classic Stairway to Heaven by Silverton, Colorado. Our ice climbing trip to Canada got canceled due to the pandemic so the season was cut somewhat short. I only did a couple of snow climbs this year. However, I focused on hiking several new Centennial Peaks in my effort to climb the 100 highest peaks in Colorado. I actually summitted 13 Centennial Peaks in 2020. I acquired COVID in November and got pretty sick, so I didn’t do much towards the end of the year. I got 58 rides and over 700 miles on my mountain bike on easy trails this year.

01. Lake City Ice Park (1)
02. Sherman Climb (3)
03. Lake City Ice Park (2)
04. Firehouse Falls (5)
05. Pumphouse Falls (11)
06. Secret Waterfall
07. Avocado Gully (2)
08. Marble Falls (2)
09. Lincoln Falls (23)
10. Stairway to Heaven (2)
11. Charmin Tube
12. Spiral Staircase (13)/The Pencil (4)/The Eraser (4)
13. Rigid Designator (3)
14. Pumphouse Falls (12)
15. Mount Arkansas (2)
16. California Peak
17. Cathedral Peak
18. Mount Adams
19. Hagerman Peak
20. Liberty Cap (8)
21. Mount Ouray
22. Niagara Peak/Jones Mountain
23. Half Peak
24. Point 13832/Point 13811
25. Phoenix Peak
26. Baldy Chato/Stewart Peak
27. Gladstone Peak
28. London Mountain/Kuss Peak
29. Rocky Mountain National Park
30. Vermillion Peak/Fuller Peak
31. Mount Tweto/Treasurevault Mountain/Mosquito Peak
32. Lincoln Falls (24)
33. Dodging the Bullet


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