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An extensive collection of low-quality trip reports.

This is a personal website that includes photos and a short narrative from my hiking, scrambling, backpacking, and climbing adventures over the last 23 years. Take a look if you are interested. James Just

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This site was designed to share my recreational adventures in the mountains. I have posted photos, statistics, and descriptions of trips I have taken over the years. From 1998 to 2001, I hiked primarily in northern Idaho. From 2001 to 2003, I spent most of my time in the central and eastern mountains of Idaho. Since 2003, I have lived in Colorado with hikes and climbs all over the state.

I am generally a fair-weather day-hiker with only the occasional backpacking trip, but my hiking has certainly evolved over the years. I started out with short trail hikes to lakes and low peaks. At the end 2002, my focus shifted to peak bagging and reaching the summit of higher mountains through a combination of hiking and scrambling. As my experience and skills grew, I added many snow climbs and winter hikes to my resume.

Beyond this, I have also done a small amount of easy technical rock climbing and a fair amount of moderate ice climbing.  I took a few years off beginning in 2014 as my hiking time shifted to family and significantly more mountain biking.  I picked up ice climbing and hiking again in 2017, but haven't done much rock climbing for numerous years.


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Let me know if you want a hat, beanie, shirt, or anything with the Just Hiking logo.  When I came across the logo I thought it was simple and cool and represented mountaineering.  Mountains, water, ice, snow, etc.  I thought it was very artsy and holistic with a bit of feng shui, zen, namaste, balance, peace, yin/yang, and chi.  All proceeds will go to the American Diabetes Association (I have diabetes.) or the Alzheimer's Association (My father-in-law has alzheimer's.).  Just email me and let me know what you want.  I order all my gear through Johnny Battle (https://www.johnnybattle.com) in Littleton, Colorado.  They do a great job and I can have anything on their website within a couple of weeks.  Hats are $25.


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