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I started the year with some ice climbing and low elevation peaks.  Although I haven't been out climbing much, I've already visited three new climbs for me this ice season.  I really would like to finish the Colorado Centennial Peaks this year.  I technically only have Trinity Peak and Arrow Peak left, but I would also like to hike Obstruction Peak, American Peak, and Dallas Peak just for good measure.  I also have a trip planned for mountain biking in Moab, Utah, and possibly a trip to the Pacific Northwest to summit a couple of volcano peaks I haven't done yet.

01. Lincoln Falls (25)
02. Mount Herman (1)/Raspberry Mountain (1)
03. Redstone Pillar
04. I-70 Sickle (2)
05. Marble Falls (4)
06. Avocado Gully (3)
07. Firehouse Falls (8)
08. Little Medano Creek