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1998 was my first full season of hiking. I wasn't limited to where I could go because I hadn't covered any ground yet. My options were wide open since I was so new to the area and to hiking in general. I logically started with shorter hikes to test the waters. As the summer progressed, I got a bit more aggressive and felt like I had put a few miles behind me.

By October I was starting to log some rather good hikes and I convinced myself that I was the next best thing to a mountaineer. I feel as though it was a successful hiking season, and although I wasn't out there climbing Mount Everest it was a lot of fun.

01. Moose Lake
02. Chimney Rock (1)
03. Lake Darling/Mount Pend Oreille
04. Chimney Rock (2)
05. Chilco Mountain
06. Bee Hive Lakes (1)
07. Lookout Lake/Mountain
08. Bottleneck Lake
09. Green Monarch Ridge/Mountain
10. Harrison Lake (1)
11. Roman Nose Lakes (1)
12. Gem Lake
13. Blacktail Lake