• Date - 01/29/2023
  • Elevation - 9,400'
  • Route - I-70 Sickle
  • Miles - 0.4
  • Elevation Gain - 500'
  • ACME Mapper - Link
  • CalTopo - Link
  • Partners -  Nick Quesnel, Haley Young


Second verse, same as the first.  Since Nick, Haley, and I had such a good time on Jaws Falls the previous day, we decided to get out again and try our luck on the I-70 Sickle.  We didn't need quite an early of a start since the drive was shorter and there isn't an approach.  We met at the Mammoth park and ride at 7:00 am and made our way up the interstate just a bit past Georgetown, Colorado, to climb the I-70 Sickle.

Nick was generous to give me the main pitch of Jaws Falls a day earlier, so he took the first pitch of the sickle to get the day going.  It was extremely wet and running with water despite the cold temperatures in Denver, Colorado.  The weather was milder at higher elevations.  Nick brought me up and we set a fixed line for Haley to join us.  We ice-bouldered up to the second pitch where we spent the rest of the morning.

We each got some leading in and really enjoyed the day.  The weather was great, the climbing was enjoyable, and we were the only climbers at the crag.  The upper section of the I-70 Sickle is a good area close to Denver, Colorado, with quite a variety of climbing options.

The young kids had way too much stoke and would have climbed all day if I hadn't reeled them in told and said I was heading to the brewery for beer and pizza.  We walked off the climb back down to the interstate and then had lunch at Cabin Creek Brewery while watching the first half of the NFC Championship football game.  Another great day in the mountains.


Nick starting up the lower pitch of the I-70 Sickle.

Nick getting ready for a shower.

Nick leading the lower pitch of the climb.

Nick near the top of the I-70 Sickle.

James climbing with Nick belaying from above.

James approaching the belay station with I-70 below.

The upper crag of the I-70 Sickle.

James starting up the easiest line of the upper section.

Good rests all the way up the pitch.

James checking out the remaining route.

James close to topping out.

Nick starting up his more difficult and clean line.

Nick on a blue bird day climbing ice.

Nick about half way up his line.

Nick putting on an ice clinic.

Nick topping out on his route.

Haley starting out on the sharp end.

Haley Young getting it done.

Haley on the far left side of the upper pitch of the I-70 Sickle.

Haley working her way up her line.

My fourth daughter impressing the heck out of me.

The route was much steeper than it initially looked.

James belaying Haley up the climb.

Haley cruising up the I-70 Sickle.

Haley finishing her lead.

James doing his best impression of an ice climber.

James half way up the left side of the upper I-70 Sickle.

James completing his lead.

Nick Quesnel showing us how it's done.

Nick leading the left steeper side of the upper pitch of the I-70 Sickle.

Nick topping out on the line he chose to climb.