• Date - 04/05/2024
  • Elevation - 8,200'
  • Route - Pumphouse Falls
  • Miles - 0.3
  • Elevation Gain - 300'
  • ACME Mapper - Link
  • CalTopo - Link
  • Partners - Kennedy Just


I had recently heard of a small private ice climbing wall and looked it up online.  The ice wall is at Camp Alexander near Lake George west of Divide, Colorado.  The climbing is open during the season on Friday evenings from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm for Friday Night Ice.  You have to make reservations online and it costs $35 per person.  They limit the number of climbers each session so it isn't too crowded.  The hosts put up approximately 10 top ropes for use, and after a quick belay test you are welcome to climb any line.  The area is certainly smaller than the Lake City Ice Park, but it is only two hours away from Denver, Colorado.

Kennedy and I decided to check it out since we hadn't been there and it is relatively close to where we live.  The unfortunate part of going in early April is that you don't really get a chance to climb in the dark, but it was worth the trip nonetheless.  Next year we will go in January or February to get the full nighttime experience.  We each got multiple laps in before heading home after a quick stop in Woodland Park, Colorado, for some food.


The left side of the ice wall.

The right side of the ice wall.

A panoramic view of the South Platte Ice Park.

Kennedy and Dad ready to climb.

Kennedy Just

Kennedy Just

Kennedy Just

Kennedy Just

Lights on the ice wall as we left.