• Date - 02/24/2013
  • Elevation - 8,700'
  • Route - Piney Lake Pillar
  • Miles - 1.5
  • Elevation Gain - 700'
  • ACME Mapper - Link
  • CalTopo - Link
  • Partners - Jeff Shafer


I continued my efforts in the 2012-2013 ice season to visit some areas I have never been to.  This was my seventh new climb of the season.  Jeff and I went up to Vail, Colorado, but drove up Red Sandstone Road instead of heading south of the I-70.  We made a bad decision on the approach and made it much more difficult than it needed to be; however, we each got a few laps in on the pillar and had a good day climbing.  I hadn't been out ice climbing since our recent trip to Ouray, Colorado, so it felt good to swing the tools again.  We didn't stay long in order to beat the traffic back to Denver, Colorado, where a snow storm was dumping on the metro area.  I had my camera inside my jacket to keep it warm, but when I pulled it out to take photos the lens fogged up so the photos aren't very good.


Piney Lake PillarPiney Lake PillarPiney Lake PillarJeffJeffJeffJeffJames