• Date - 02/19/2011
  • Elevation - 8,800'
  • Route - Pumphouse Falls
  • Miles - 0.6
  • Elevation Gain - 300'
  • ACME Mapper - Link
  • CalTopo - Link
  • Partners - Jeff Shafer, Brian Kooienga, John Balciar


John, Jeff, and I left Highlands Ranch, Colorado, around 4:30 and picked Brian up at his condo in Silverthorne, Colorado, around 5:45.  The drive went smoothly with no weather and we were hiking up to the Pumphouse Falls just as the sun was rising.  Brian, Jeff, and I each got several leads in throughout the morning while John top-roped as this was only his second time ever ice climbing.  The flow was wet down the center, but both sides were generally dry.  Brian and I each led the pitch 4 times with one of them being a sport lead.  Jeff got five leads in.  I lost my leashes a while back and was climbing leashless.  We had a great day with warm temperatures and good ice climbing.  Since we arrived relatively early, we also left earlier in order to beat any ski traffic.  Brian offered up a beer from his selection back at the condo and then we headed home so I could watch my daughter play basketball.


Pumphouse FallsPumphouse FallsJeffJeffJeffJamesJamesJohnJohnBrianBrianBrianBrianJeffLooking down the Pumphouse Falls.John and JamesBrianJohnJeffJamesJamesJamesJamesJamesJamesJamesJamesJamesJamesJamesJamesJamesJamesJames