• Date - 09/28/2010
  • Elevation - 6,950'
  • Route - Direct East Face
  • Miles - 2.0
  • Elevation Gain - 1,200'
  • ACME Mapper - Link
  • CalTopo - Link
  • Partners - Brad McQueen, Melissa McQueen, Jeff Shafer


Jeff and I climbed the Direct East Face (5.6) of the First Flatiron exactly two years ago.  I was a bit sketched out on the first two run-out pitches even though I was following, so when Jeff called me early in the week to see if I was interested in heading back up to the route I gladly accepted hoping to redeem myself.  Brad and Melissa had asked Jeff to take them out rock climbing since Brad had climbed the Third Flatiron with Jeff last year.  For late September, the weather was warm and the hike to the base of the route went quickly.  We all geared up and got ready for the climb.  Brad and Melissa have somewhat limited rock climbing experience, so Jeff led and Melissa followed the entire climb for team one, and I led and Brad followed the entire climb for team 2.

Team one went first with Jeff in the lead, and then I led behind Melissa while Brad was in the clean up position.  The climb went smoothly, and both Brad and Melissa performed like well seasoned climbers.  I didn't see either one of them hesitate all day.  We completed the climb in eight pitches with beautiful weather and virtually no company on the route with the exception of one soloist.  I was happy to climb the route much better than my last time to the First Flatiron, and it was also fun to help others get out and experience some multi-pitch rock climbing.


Direct East FaceMelissa starting up pitch 1.Melissa following pitch 1 with James leading close behind.Mellissa finishing pitch 1 with Jeff belaying from above.Brad halfway up pitch 1.Brad near the top of pitch 1.Melissa and Brad at our first belay station.Jeff leading pitch 2.Melissa following pitch 2 with James leading close behind.Brad following pitch 2.Melissa and Brad at our second belay station.Jeff leading pitch 3.Melissa finishing pitch 3 with James leading behind her.Brad finishing pitch 3.Looking down at our third belay station.Brad following pitch 4.Melissa on pitch 5.Brad following pitch 5.Jeff leading on the ridge.Melissa enjoying the day.Melissa on the First Flatiron ridge.Melissa and James nearing the summit.JeffMelissa completing the climb.Melissa completing the climb.Melissa completing the climb.Brad nearing the summit.MelissaJeff and BradSummit PhotoMelissa on rappel.Brad on rappel.First Flatiron