• Date - 07/05/1999
  • Elevation - < 7,000'
  • Route - Trail No. 185
  • Miles - 7.0
  • Elevation Gain - 1,100'
  • ACME Mapper - Link
  • CalTopo - Link
  • Partners - Doug Kimball, Payton (Dog)


Snow Lake begins on the same trail as Bottleneck Lake and then forks off to the left after about two miles.  We ran into snow a little earlier that we had the previous weekend, but it was stable enough to hold us up and didn't require snowshoes.  This hike required two creek crossing, and since it was early summer, Snow Creek was still flowing strong.  On one occasion, Doug crossed the same section three times in order to get Payton across who was being a big chicken.  Needless to say, the wool socks and waterproof boots came in handy.

The trail was moderate for most of the way until approximately one mile before the lake.  Although crampons and an ice axe would have been overkill, the incline did become much more difficult where footing was not guaranteed.  About 75 percent of the Snow Lake was still froze over, but it was apparent that fish were present.  We fired up our stove for some ramen noodles and soup, relaxed for a while, and then decided to return home.

It was our lucky day when it came to seeing moose.  A cow with two calves greeted us on the trail where we took a couple of quick photos and allowed them the right of way.  On the drive back from the trailhead, another moose jumped out on the road in front of us.


Snow Lake