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Let me know if you want a hat, beanie, shirt, or anything with the Just Hiking logo.  When I came across the logo I thought it was simple and cool and represented mountaineering.  Mountains, water, ice, snow, etc.  I thought it was very artsy and holistic with a bit of feng shui, zen, namaste, balance, peace, yin/yang, and chi.  All proceeds will go to the American Diabetes Association (I have diabetes.) or the Alzheimer's Association (My father-in-law had alzheimer's.).  Just email me and let me know what you want.  Several photos of different hats are posted below.  I order all my gear through Johnny Battle ( in Littleton, Colorado.  They do a great job and I can have anything on their website within a couple of weeks.  Hats are $25.

Jeremy BauerNate DenBleykerJohn Lottes
Kevin Smith
Marvin BlackmoreCody DierkingTony Marusiak
Shana Stevens
Justin Brown
Matt GibbonsTaylor Powell
Adam Weiss
Jonathan Cantu
Dale HurtNick Quesnel
Allen Weiss
Jerry Cook
Nick JensonPaul Regalia

Judy Cook
Brian KooiengaKelly Schlegel

Jared Cowen
Andy Leach
Matt Smelser