Idaho 12ers

Idaho 12ersIdaho 12ersIdaho 12ers
During my short time in southern Idaho, I was able to hike and scramble to the summit of the nine peaks in the state that are over 12,000' tall.  I found all of these mountains to be fairly challenging at the time with limited trails, significant elevation gain, and my inexperience.

Idaho 12ers By Elevation

01.01.Mount Borah
12,662'Southwest Ridge07/28/2001
02.02.Leatherman Peak
12,228'West Ridge08/16/2003
03.03.Mount Church (1)
12,200'East Ridge09/14/2002
Mount Church (2)
12,200'East Ridge07/04/2003
05.04.Diamond Peak
12,197'East Ridge07/20/2002
06.05.Mount Breitenbach
12,140'South Ridge10/14/2002
07.06.Lost River Peak
12,078'Super Gully06/01/2003
08.07.Mount Idaho
12,065'Southwest Face08/17/2003
09.08.Donaldson Peak (1)
12,023'West Ridge09/14/2002
Donaldson Peak (2)
12,023'West Ridge07/04/2003
11.09.Hyndman Peak
12,009'East Ridge09/08/2001